Monday, 4 October 2010

Conversation of the Movie Night

Heckler: He fired 7 shots.

Kochk: He might have non-standard revolver, such as a LeMat.

Heckler: Ah, the LeMat.

Kochk: If I recall correctly it has a 9 round cylinder and an extra barrel which you can load with a round of your choice.

Heckler: Mine would be cheese.

Kochk: Usually it's a shotgun round... Would that be an actual cheese bullet...

Heckler: Of course it would.

Kochk: ...because if you were just storing it there, you'd need a long spoon...

Heckler: I'd shoot him and he'd go "Ah! What's this on my chest? It's cheese!"

Kochk: That would definitely need to be hand loaded. Oh wait, you don't like cheese.

Heckler: No.

[Kochk wonders whether to mention the three big handfuls of cheese in the fish pie they'd been scoffing down, but decides to leave it and instead stick it on the internet]

LeMat: [Says nothing]