Saturday, 12 July 2008

Movie Night 11/07/08

Movie night was a day late, as Heckler was celebrating being out of warranty. Be careful Heckler, if you break yourself now, you'll have to pay for repairs! Anyway we finally finished Crime Traveller with the last two episodes The Lottery Experiment and The Broken Crystal[1], another Wonder Woman episode (Last of the Two Dollar Bills), an early episode of Lost in Space that I failed to record anything about as that came last, and Beach Blanket Bingo (1965, Dir: William Asher). Even by our generous standards this doesn't count as Sci-Fi, even if there's a mermaid[2] swimming in and out of the plot, but the DVD was a present from, erm, Beretta[3]? who was attending, and anyway we've been admiring the opening sequence on Youtube for quite some time. Anyway, to the whiteboard:

General Comments:
If you don't review bad Sci-Fi, we won't make guns

Crime Traveller, The Lottery Experiment:
Slade: I think I can help you!
Turner: Why, have you taken a course in Laser Optics?
"98 number memory and message capacity. The Rolls Royce of Mobile Phones."
Perhaps he'll get a new ja[cket][4]

Beach Blanket Bingo:
"If I put my arm around someone, I like it to be my idea."
"I'm saving that one for my wallet."
"Come along now, let's get out of these loose clothes and into something tight."
"It's just good clean fun that keeps him out of pool halls."
"It was my bad side - I was facing front."
"The best way to learn is to watch."
This film is generating quotes faster than I can write, and I'm running out of space.
"I, Eric Von Zipper, am putting the snatch on you."
"It's a people bite!"
"Frankie's small, but he's wiry."
"I'm taking you to my boobie[5] house"
Frankie's wearing Jeff Slade's Jacket!

From Crime Traveller: The Broken Crystal
Synchotron (sic)
"Lengthen the photon rod."

And Generally:
I'm bored of the board
Boobies make me smile
Goebbels! [6]

Anyway, before I emulate Jeff Slade and make my 7:30 bedcheck, here's all those videos in one special movie night player:

[1] K: Didn't we watch that last week?
H: No, that was The Dark Crystal
K: Yes, but it was broken
H&K: Mmmmmm...
[2] Played by Marta Kristen who also played Judy Robinson, the blonde daughter in Lost in Space. In fact if we believe IMDB she seems to have gone straight from Beach Blanket Bingo to Lost in Space. Coincidence? You tell us!
[3] Heckler, I know Krupp is funnier, but she expressed a preference. Still, you can call her Krupp if you like.
[4] Slade has worn the same mustard yellow jacket in every episode of Crime Traveller - The episode when he wore a dark blue one, he got locked in the boot of a car and set on fire which ruined it.
[5] It's taken some googling to find out what was going on here; it seems that South Dakota Slim calls everyone "boobie".
[6] This probably deserves a footnote: In the episode of Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman destroys a padlock with her bare hands, then one of the Nazi agents shoots one out, then Major Steve Trevor opens another one by forcing the lock. I then imagined Adolf Hitler reviewing the budget of Nazi Sabotage operations in the US and exclaiming "They're claiming expenses for 2000 padlocks? That doesn't sound right. [shouts] Goebbels!" Following which we shouted "Goebbels" at each other until it ceased to be funny.

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