Wednesday, 18 June 2008

The Classic Science Fiction Channel

So via Wil Wheaton and Boing Boing, John Scalzi's pimping thread[1] and our own comments I'm pointing out The Classic Science Fiction Channel website. Down the linked page is the creator's screed. Here's an excerpt:

I've been very disappointed by the so-called SciFi Channel since its inception. Like many others, I believed that I'd be able to tune in and regularly catch repeats of classic shows, great classic movies, some SF oriented 'made-for' content (coverage of conventions, literature, authors, etc) and maybe some original movies or series, carefully chosen to insure the preservation of the genre and treat it in a positive, perhaps even marginally experimental, way.

You can probably guess that's not what I got.

In the UK it's not as bad as the US where this guy is based. Indeed one of our associates[2], not a big SF fan, was introduced to Heroes by the SciFi Channel and leaped to it's defence. I have every intention of watching, reviewing, and, to a limited extent, enjoying SciFi's monster-of-the-week movies.

Here's the idea behind The Classic Science Fiction Channel - don't like what regular TV is giving you? Create your own virtual internet channel. Some of the stuff is on Hulu which doesn't let you look at it if you're outside the US (boo, hiss). Some of it is stuff that Heckler has already spent his hard earned pennies[3] on (a quick glance suggests that this very nearly corresponds with the Hulu stuff. Hooray!). Worse still, we have a pile of DVD's as tall as Heckler[4] to watch already, so getting on to this will take a while, not to mention that we'll have to ramp up our technical skills to make things on the computer appear on the big screen.

Nevertheless I heartily endorse The Classic Science Fiction Channel, which will get the Heckler & Kochk Seal of Approval™ and appear on our blogroll once I get around to setting it up.

[1] It's not as smutty as it sounds.
[2] Heckler, we should come up with a system for nicknaming other people. I note that this Wikipedia page may be of assistance.
[3] No, literally.
[4] 37 inches from muzzle to butt plate, since you ask.

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