Friday, 13 June 2008

Movie Night: 13/06/08

Last night it was movie night on Heckler's big screen. Here's the notes from the Whiteboard as it happened[1]:

From before we started
Drink all of S___ & V___'s booze.

From Battlestar Galactica 1980: Sharecroppers
If I wanted crude artistic expression I'd watch your acting [Barry] Van Dyke
Your frustration, hurt and disappointment are shared by J___ and I
Are you suggesting some sort of Michael Bolton - Barry Van Dyke hair off?!
Adama is trapped in a 70s disco and can't get out!
We nearly came a cropper with that one

From our main feature Ghost Rider
See those Blackhawks? They're down!

From Crime Traveller: Death in the Family (actual lines from the show)
Power surge in the photon generator![2]
Don't worry - it was just a light testicular blow.

Down at the bottom of the white board
Hector Alonzo
Misplaced apostrophe's

Proper reviews on these later.

[1] I've anonymized some names of real people
[2] Which I translated as "we need to change the lightbulb".

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