Friday, 20 June 2008

Movie Night: 20/06/08

Movie Night at Heckler's last night. Anything in quotes is from the show in question. Some parts got partially wiped out so I've reconstructed them [like this]. Here's what's on the Whiteboard:

From Galactica 1980: The Return of Starbuck
This will be the highlight of the series![1] What, the end of it?
"That was an unexpected move, he is a very good pilot"
"That is a small consolation, we are going to crash!"
[He's not] gone nuts, he's just amusing himself.
["We were] taking a vote and the ground come up and hit us."[2]
What did S___ look like in 1980.

An aside:
(Snake killing stick)

From Crime Traveller: Fashion Shoot
What? Me and Jack (sic) Slade having a cook off?
I don't care how [bad] the Dark Knight is, if we've just watched Batman and Robin, it will be fine.

From Batman Returns:
I was their number one son but they treated me as No 2.
"You can't have too much power, if my life has any meaning, that's the meaning"
"I'd like to fill her void"

Then we were distracted by a youtube video of Green Arrow and Black Canary which lead via an unexpected route to this comment:
Superglue chicken fillets to S___'s chest.

Back to Batman Returns:
Erogenous zones blown sky high.
That's the biggest parasol I've ever seen.

Crime Traveller: Revenge of the Chronology Protection Hypothesis
"There was nothing in the Guardian (laugh)".
"You're l[uck]y yo[u] don't take the [Gu]ardian."
"Malfunction in the gravity simulator booster circuits."
The Revenge of Chronology Protection Hypothesis.

In addition Heckler drew S___'s eyes and glasses, but then labelled them with a slang word for breasts, I described a spacecraft in terms not really suitable for this blog and for some reason the phrase "Heather Locklear in her bra and pants" all appear on the board.

[1] I thought I said "should", but Heckler had the board, so that's what was written. I'll go into why it should be better in a mini-review later.
[2] All quotes are from Cy the Cylon.

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